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Order anytime to be put in the line up to play the 1's & 5's dice game. You will get a total of 14 dice put into the dice rolling machine all at once during our live show. For every number one rolled you earn a random pearl or gem or a little bit of both. For every number five you earn a random plated cage or a chain of your choice or a little bit of both. For every 3 of a kind set you will earn random gems in the number of the set shown on the dice. (Example: 3 dice all with the number 6 would equal 6 gems) *Bonus- if all dice are 1 &5 you get an extra roll, Double Bonus-  if you get a 1-6 showing on the dice you get a random pearl*

1’s & 5’s YO!

  • Dice with the number 1

                  - Random Pearl (prize value$16)

                  - Random Gems💎 (prize value $8)

    Dice with the number 5

                - Random plated cage 🌸(prize value$10)

               - Chain your choice (prize value $1-5)

    All 14 dice show numbers 1 & 5

              - Extra roll (prize value $1-224)

    Dice are numbered 1-6 ( could be times 2 in a single roll)

             - Random pearls 🟢(prize value $16 

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