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Card Attack

Order anytime to be put in the line up to play Card Attack. You will get 5 slams on the card attack machine that spits out between 0-5 cards a slam during our live show. Each card has prizes and additional games on them. Beware of the Whammy slam that doesn't spit out any cards but you still earn whammy prizes because "whammy is a winner".  If Lady Luck is not on your side and you get zero cards you still win 5 whammy prizes plus a Mega Monster Oyster 🦪. That's right you still win. This game has 100 cards and 10 cards for each of the possible prizes.

Card Attack

  • Random keychain (prize value $31)

    Plated cages (prize value $10)

    single round oyster 🦪 (prize value $20)

    Rice oyster 🦪 (prize value $15)

    Random crystals ðŸŸ£ (prize value $8 to 20)

    Rainbow POP 🌈 (prize value $5 to 300)

    Random Gems 💎 (prize value $8)

    Random Bath bomb (prize values $7 to 25)

    Random Games (prize value $5 to 300)

    Edison Oyster (prize value $60)

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