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Order anytime to be put in the line up to play Plinko drop. You will get three plinko disks dropped on our plinko board during our live show. You get to choose the slots they are dropped from (1-6) and you will get a chance to win three amazing prizes. Beware of the one whammy hole...wait what am I saying... whammies are winners at UMS!

Plinko Drop

  • 1. Mega Monster oyster with and Edison and 5 full fingered ladies inside. (Prize value $60)

    2. Fizzy prize bomb you choose : gem ring, pearl ring, earrings or pendant. (Prize value $20 to 25)

    3.One single oyster and one Edison oyster (Prize value $50)

    4. The 5&5 slot 5 random pearls and gems 💎 (Prize value $120)

    5. One sets (one oysters or loose pearl & 1 plated cages you choose) prize value $30

    6. Whammy is a winner (surprise whammy pie prize sent home) prize value $35 

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