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Order anytime to be put in the line up to play Spiral gum ball drop. You will get a total of one full crank on the spiral gum machine. The spiral gum machine is filled with green, blue and white speckled gum. If a green ball drops you win a single oyster round or rice reveal or you can choose rice or round loose pearl and I will show you three pearls you choose which one you want. If a blue ball drops I will show you 3 random gems you choose which gem you want. If a speckled white ball drops you pick the plated cage color (silver, gold, rose gold, black or rainbow) and I will show you 3 random plated cages in your color choice and you choose the cage. Good Luck!🍀 

Spiral Gum ball Drop

  •       - Random Perals 🟣

           - Random Gems💎

           - Random plated cage🌸

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