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Ticky- Tacky- OH

Order anytime to be put in the line up to play Ticky-tacky-oh. You will get to pick 5 playing cards numbered 1-9 during our live show. Those five cards will be matched up on the tic-tac-toe board and you will get all five prizes plus if you happen to also make tic-tac-toe with your pulled cards to will earn addition prizes. If Lady Luck is on your side you could earn an additional 2 prizes with tic-tac-toe wins. Oh yeah!

Ticky- Tacky- OH

  • 1. Random keychain (prize value $31)

    2. Plated cage (prize value $10)

    3.One single oyster 🦪 (prize value $20)

    4. One Rice oyster 🦪 (prize value $15)

    5. Red shell twin 🟣🟣 (prize value $40)

    6. Rainbow POP 🌈 (prize value $5 - 300)

    7. Three Random Gems 💎 (prize value $24)

    8.Random bracelet (prize value $5-15)

    9. Whammy prize (prize value $7)

    **TTT prizes are an additional prize from the TTT prizes won during your card reveal from above***

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